I got schooled....

Since I posted my video on The Top Ten Inspirational videos, I did not realize the type of responses I would get. Some people were really nice, others, not so much. I found that everyone seems to have opinions which is great, but it is not necessary to be rude. Some people actually went out of the way to be mean, which I have to admit, did bother me a little bit. To me, inspirational could mean anything that inspires me to do the things I do, which is obviously different than what others inspire them. Even though a select few were mean, they still wanted to see what I thought was my Top Ten Inspirational songs, which means there is definitely hope for them. I honestly did not expect so many people to view the video, but I hope they learned it means that any song can be inspirational. I literally find that everyday I am inspired by new songs, or movies, or others.

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